Friday, August 12, 2011

Talon by J.P. Mercer

Publisher:               P. D. Publishing

Do you like mystery, suspense or adventure? Do you like romance? Do you like a story that sounds like it stepped off of the television screen or out of the newspapers because it's so topical? Do you like a book that keeps you so engrossed you have to keep turning pages to find out what happens next? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then Talon is the book for you.

Liberty Starr is a secret agent who was recruited by the President to join an elite group called the Talons. Their mission was to combat terrorism in any way they could, including assassination; however, a powerful man, who valued wealth and influence over patriotism and honor, corrupted the Talons. Liberty discovers this betrayal and is determined to stop this man's grab for power and redeem the mission of the Talons, but she is being hunted by someone who can be as deadly as she is. 

Kayla Sinclair is a former Olympic skiing champion whose career and life were ruined by an avalanche. She had tried to escape from her pain by drowning in alcohol, but is struggling to put her life back together when Liberty takes refuge in her pub. These women are emotionally damaged and each believes she has lost the chance for any happiness in her life. The danger that surrounds Liberty engulfs them both and jeopardizes any future either of them might have. The threat to them and the country is very real and there are no guarantees that, if Liberty is able to survive the completion of her last mission, either will be able to heal her battered emotions and be willing to take a chance on love.

J. P. Mercer has published two previous books, Incommunicado and Threads of Destiny, and while they were excellent, they were in no way preparation for Talon. Mercer has combined some of the best suspense techniques of Robert Ludlum with a story of women who have suffered significant wounds in their lives. Many of the incidents in the book have actually occurred, except that the book was written before they did, which shows an understanding of the world of intrigue that is almost eerie. Reading this book is similar to watching blockbuster movies like the Mission Impossible or Bourne series. Talon is also a passionate story about two women with love scenes that scorch the pages. This is a great book. You're going to want to have read it. Now, if we could just get someone in Hollywood to pay attention to it.

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