Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chris Anne Wolfe's work

I was contacted by the person who is trying to have Chris Anne Wolfe's stories reissued and I asked her to send me something that I could share with you.  If you like fantasy stories and haven't read Wolfe's work, you should give it a try.  Unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago, but she left some terrific stories behind.
The Lost Works of Chris Anne Wolfe
Two Amazons of Aggar Books and Others Discovered
by Beloved Lesbian/Feminist Author

Port Orchard, Washington
September 2013

After more than ten years of being sealed safely away, the nearly 7,000 pages of “lost writings” by lesbian/feminist author Chris Anne Wolfe (Shadows of Aggar, Roses & Thorns, et al) are being organized, transcribed, and prepared for publication by a small team of passionate volunteers.

“Fans would write or call and ask when the next Aggar book would be released. For the longest time, we had no idea what to tell them,” explains Jennifer DiMarco, one of three staff of Amazons Unite, a not-for-profit formed exclusively to publish Wolfe’s books. “The fans didn’t even know there are actually two more Aggar books plus a dozen other novels.”

Amazons Unite has already made huge progress, publishing new editions of Annabel & I, Roses & Thorns, and even Shadows of Aggar and Fires of Aggar. The first two Aggar books feature full-color interior illustrations by Skye Montague, who came to know Wolfe’s work through Amazons Unite. “There’s an entirely new generation of lesbian readers waiting to discover Chris Anne Wolfe and her Amazons and Shadows,” Skye offers. “Getting all her books into the hands of readers is our ultimate goal.”

Since Wolfe’s books tend to be lengthy (Shadows of Aggar is over 100,000 words), Amazons Unite is keeping costs down by releasing editions exclusively as ebooks for the Kindle and iOS through Rebecca Fitzgerald, the third volunteer at Amazons Unite, says, “We’re not pricing any of the editions higher than $4.99. We want everyone to be able to enjoy these adventures.”

Fans new and old are encouraged to help crowd-fund the endeavor and learn more about the “lost writings” online and at Facebook.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Goodreads is being abused

This is a post that Layce Gardner put on Facebook about some idiots on Goodreads.  I know a lot of people look at reviews there, so you might want to know what is going on.  Karin Kallmaker says she's had a similar problem.

Status Update
By Layce Gardner
I've kept pretty quiet about this, but I think people should know what is wrong with Goodreads. I was the victim of a gang of people who targeted me and my books in a game they play. I don't know if you call them trolls or what... This group of people (at least 50 of them that I can tell) pick on an author and their books. This is a contest they have. They shelve the author's books on shelves they have named "I would rather vomit than read this book" or "I would rather cut off my testes" or "I would rather eat shit than read this book." I'm serious. They have shelved all my books onto these shelves. Their object is to incite me so I say something, then they will converge on me and "destroy my career." This is their exact words. I left Goodreads without saying anything. Goodreads has recently been taking away these shelves. This incited the bullies (and yes, I call them 'bullies.' I have seen the posts where they say they want to destroy my career and wouldn't it be funny if I kill myself.) and now they have left one-star reviews on my books. They are not satisfied with the shelves any longer. As of now, I saw over twenty one-star rating on my book "Tats" left by these bullies in the last month or so. I couldn't bear to look at my other books and see if its happening to them too. Also, a person emailed me and said she heard at some Amazon site that these bullies left one-stars for me on Amazon as retaliation for what Goodreads has done. I don't know that there is anything we can do except be aware that these people exist. I hate to say it, but there are days when I think these bullies may have won their game. Of course I'm not going to kill myself. But they may have succeeded in destroying my career. I'm wondering if I'm the only lesfic author who has been targeted...