Saturday, August 20, 2011

To Protect & Serve by VK Powell

Publisher:                Bold Strokes Books

Alex Troy's personal life is sad. She is still mourning the loss of her parents in a plane crash and trying to recover from an abusive relationship. No wonder then that her job as a successful police detective with the Vice/Narcotics Division is the focus of her life. She's known for being totally professional, tough and a stickler for following the rules, but she's also a closer who can bring in the criminals for prosecution. 

When she is asked to head a task force to take down a drug dealer named Sonny Davis, Alex knows that this could be the opportunity she's been waiting for to move up higher in the department. Matters become complicated when she is instructed to include Officer Keri Morgan in her group. Alex was involved in an earlier investigation of a situation including Keri and there is no doubt that the younger officer doesn't trust Alex. Keri brings a life force to her work though that Alex has been missing for years, and she quickly proves that Alex's original impression of her was incorrect. The two find themselves working closely together and an attraction grows, which endangers their careers and possibly their lives. Both hope they won't have to make a choice about what is more important, their relationship or ending the career of a drug lord.

To Protect and Serve is an interesting story. The play between the characters is more involved than most romances, so it holds the reader's attention. Some of the characters are stereotypical, but that's a minor circumstance. Sonny Davis, the drug kingpin, is unusually stupid, especially about women, but the story would have needed to be a lot longer if he weren't. Some authors have a tendency to carry characters from one book to another, so it won't be surprising to see Alex and Keri turn up again. 

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