Friday, August 19, 2011

The Sea Hawk by Brenda Adcock

Publisher:              Regal Crest Enterprises

The Sea Hawk is the story of a woman who can't find happiness until she's catapulted by an accident into the past.  That sets up the friction in the story.  How does she translate her lover in the past into her present?

Dr. Julia Blanchard is a marine archaeologist working on a shipwreck off the Georgia coast that her team has nicknamed "The Georgia Peach."  Her absorption with working on the ship destroys her relationship with her lover Amy and when they break up, Julia breaks the rules of scuba diving and visits the ship alone.  While she is below the sea, her ship is stolen and she's left alone to float in the Atlantic Ocean.  When Julia is rescued by a sailing ship, she discovers it is the ship she's been studying only its name is Le Faucon and it has a female captain, Simone Moreau.  As Julia tries to understand what has happened to her and take advantage of this unusual opportunity to learn about the ship, she participates in adventures around the Caribbean islands and in events of the War of 1812.  She also finds herself falling in love with Simone.  Eventually, Julia has to face the fact that, if she finds her way back to her own time, friends and family, it will mean sacrificing the true love of her life.

Paranormal fiction requires the reader to suspend her sense of disbelief, especially when one character is sent back through time.  The Sea Hawk isn't the first book to do this, but at least Adcock follows it up by trying to keep the historic details in place.  The book is adventurous, contains the requisite romance and teaches information about the period.  It moves quickly and holds the reader's attention.

Anyone looking for a way to pass a few hours of entertainment should find The Sea Hawk more than suitable.

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