Saturday, August 20, 2011

To Love and To Cheirsh by Beth Wylde and Lara Zielinsky (editors)

Publisher:                  loveyoudivine Alterotica

This anthology was created to raise money for the Marriage Equality movement for gays and lesbians.  All of the profits go to that movement instead of to the authors or publisher.

The book includes submissions from a number of familiar authors: Jean Roberta, Allison Wonderland, Lara Zielinsky, Stephanie Rose, Jolene Hui, Kissa Starling, Adrianne Brennan, Moondancer Drake, Ann Cory, Jessie Taylor Quinn, Meg Leigh, Dalia Craig, Adrianna Kraft and Beth Wylde.  The stories are divided into three sections called On Bended Knee, With This Ring and Lives and Wives.  Those make up the three books of the eBook versions.

As with most anthologies, the quality of the stories varies among the selections and they cover a number of topics based around gay marriage.  There are the inevitable stories about prejudice, family conflict and wedding preparations and healthy doses of erotic fantasy and reality.  Some of the stories are real jewels.  The Art of Communication by Jean Roberta deals with that careful dance in a relationship when one partner has more wealth than the other one and the less wealthy partner is conscious of it.  It will be impossible for anyone to read Stephanie Rose's The Anti-Proposal and not collapse in laughter as her main character tries to pull off the perfect event only to have everything possible go wrong.  Just a hint, both women end up in hospital beds, but still very much in love.  Adrianne Brennan deals with combining cultures and the importance of communication in My Big Fat Greek Pagan Lesbian WeddingThis Magic by Meg Leigh reveals the love that lasts forever and transcends death.  This story also demonstrates that it doesn't take a lot of words to express something beautiful.

Most people will probably buy this book in order to contribute to the movement.  The fact that they will receive several hours of enjoyable reading will be the bonus.

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