Saturday, August 20, 2011

Worth Every Step by KG MacGregor

Publisher:              Bella Books

KG MacGregor uses the beauty of Africa and the majestic setting of Mt. Kilimanjaro as the setting of this novel about doing something daring in your life.

Mary Kate Sasser feels a need to do something spectacular in her life.  Life in a small Southern town is stifling her and she craves adventure.  She can't explain to her fiancé and family so that they'll understand why she needs to go to Kenya and climb Kilimanjaro, but go she must.  Addison Falk is headed to the same location for a similar reason.  She has just finished her MBA degree and her father expects her to come to London and take her place in the family firm.  Addison isn't sure what she wants to do with her life, but she knows working for her father isn't it.  She decides that climbing Kilimanjaro will give her a chance to do something exciting and some thinking.  When the women are paired together as climbing buddies, they form a pact to help each other reach the summit.  That act comes to be symbolic not only of them achieving their quest, but finding themselves and each other.

There are three major characters in this story, the two women and the mountain.  As with all of MacGregor's books, the characters are well written and the story is solid.  It is the mountain that sets the tone though.  No matter what happens to Mary Kate and Addison the mountain is there hovering over them.  Massive and dangerous it represents the challenges they face and the decisions they have to make.  There is plenty of humor and sexual tension, but always there is the adventure and the need it represents in both of them to change their lives.  MacGregor has put her personal knowledge of that environment to good use in this book.

Anyone looking for a book to provide some hours of enjoyable reading should give Worth Every Step a chance.  Adventure, suspense, romance, sex, it has a little for everyone. 

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