Thursday, August 18, 2011

Side Order of Love by Tracey Richardson

Publisher:            Bella Books

Grace Wellwood is a famous chef who owns her own restaurant and has a popular TV show.  To everyone else she seems on top of the world, but appearances can be deceiving.  When she ends a three year relationship with a married woman that was going nowhere, her friends encourage her to take some time off; so Grace retreats to a cottage by the sea.  Her vacation is interrupted when her company is hired by golf champion Torrie Cannon to cater a tournament she's sponsoring.   

Torrie is younger than Grace and a "player" on and off of the golf course.  She's used to jumping from bed to bed and doesn't feel a need for anything else until she meets Grace.  Grace brings out something different in Torrie, something that Torrie doesn't know how to express properly, so she keeps coming off as a fast talker who hasn't finished growing up.  If there's one thing Grace knows for certain, it's that she's not interested in any more relationships that have no chance of developing into something permanent and maturity, two things Torrie appears to lack.  Torrie's challenge is to prove to Grace that she can meet her expectations for a new chance.

This book has more than one conflict that holds the reader's interest.  There is the tension between Grace and her lover, Grace and Torrie, and between two secondary characters who play significant roles.  The age difference between Grace and Torrie, while not extreme, also factors into what happens between them.  Richardson is able to blend these issues into a cohesive plot with likeable characters.

Side Order of Love, like Richardson's other books, delivers a story that is entertaining and engaging.  

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