Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tunnel Vision by Brenda Adcock

Publisher:             Regal Crest Enterprises

Tunnel Vision is a crime drama about three police detectives who are trying to catch a serial killer.  When he decides to target them the action revolves around them trying to get the killer before he gets them.

Royce Brodie is a homicide detective in Cedar Springs, a small city near Austin, Texas, where she used to be a police officer.  Royce left Austin after her partner was killed and her commander made her life miserable.  She was never sure whether Tim Weston hated her more because her dead partner was his best friend or because she was sleeping with his daughter.  She has managed to put her life back together and is happy in Cedar Springs working with a new partner Curtis Nicholls.  Since she is considered the best detective in the division, it's not surprising that she's asked to train a new detective.  The surprise comes when the detective is Maggie Weston, the woman who broke Royce's heart.

As the detectives gather information about who the killer is, Royce and Maggie have to deal with establishing boundaries on their new relationship.  Royce also has to deal with Maggie's father who still has not forgiven her for what happened years before.  Royce is proud to see that Maggie has excellent intuitive ability for figuring out clues, until that skill causes her to become the killer's next target.  If they can't catch the killer, Royce may lose Maggie for a second time and this time will be permanent.

Tunnel Vision is well written, moves at a quick pace and is an enjoyable story.  The main criticism of the book falls on the editor and publisher.  There are too many pages where words are missing, as if someone forgot that you have to use "a" and "the" occasionally.  It's sloppy that no one picked this up and it happens just enough to call attention to the problem, breaking up the reading rhythm.  Otherwise, this is a book that holds your attention and keeps you reading.  

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