Friday, August 19, 2011

The Rainbow Cedar by Gerri Hill

Publisher:               Bella Books

Jay Burns has known for a long time that her relationship with her partner Katherine is in trouble. Katherine is so focused on making partner in her law firm that she's seldom home and they're very disconnected when she is. Jay is convinced that she shouldn't throw away eight years, so she buries herself in developing her new interior design business and avoiding confrontation. That becomes more difficult when she meets landscape designer Drew Montgomery. Jay tries to tell herself that their growing friendship is because of their mutual interests, but that delusion doesn't hold up long. The situation is further complicated when Katherine arranges a strange trip to Hawaii for them with a lawyer from her firm and the lawyer's "date" – Drew.

When Katherine and the lawyer are more interested in running off together, Jay begins to suspect that work is not all that has kept her lover away from home. As one relationship unravels, another one strengthens, until Jay finds herself in the confrontation she had hoped to avoid, but no longer fears. There is another life with Drew if they can put all of the pieces back together. 

This is a standard Gerri Hill romance. The story is well told and most of the characters are appealing. The reader may wonder why Jay puts up with a minimal relationship for so long, but many people get caught in a status quo situation that they don't change until something dramatic happens. The really appealing character in the book is Drew, who could easily take advantage of a situation, but holds herself to a higher standard. She provides a stark contrast to Katherine. 

At the heart of the story is a theme that often isn't popular, infidelity, by both Katherine and ultimately Jay. Jay's choice is softened by the knowledge of what Katherine has been doing, but she still cheats, with a classic reaction from Katherine. The reader will probably be able to work her way around Jay's indiscretion because of Katherine's behavior.

The Rainbow Cedar is a good vacation or weekend reading book. The story will be a good way to spend a few hours seeing how these women work out their situation.

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