Saturday, August 20, 2011

Turn For Home by Lara Zielinsky

Publisher:               P.D. Publishing

Turn For Home is the sequel to Turning Point and picks up the story of actresses Brenna Lanigan and Cassidy Hyland as they are trying to decide how public to make their relationship.  Their sons are divided in their support and Brenna is going through a divorce, so keeping things quite seems best.  As the stars of a popular TV show and actresses who are in demand for other jobs, they have a lot at risk professionally.  The issue is taken out of their hands when a violent attack against Cassidy by her ex-husband brings everything out into the open.  The women find out just who their friends are and how much the entertainment world will support.  Brenna is also in for some surprises from her sons.

Like any sequel, there is a comfortable feeling about this book.  It provides an opportunity to catch up with characters the reader may already be familiar with and see how their lives are progressing.  It covers a brief, but traumatic period in the women's relationship.  There are few books that describe a physical attack as vividly as Zielinsky does in this one.  Besides the issue of abuse, the book also delves into the difficulty that partners can have with the health care system when they have no legal rights and the parents of one of them tries to seize control of the situation.

Turn For Home has a weakness.  It's really necessary that the first book has been read.  A new reader will definitely feel like she's walked into the middle of what is going on and won't have much frame of reference for how these women reached the point where the story picks up.  Adding more back story to this book would have resolved the problem.

This book is good for a couple of hours of entertaining reading.  It should be particularly appealing to those who enjoyed Turning Point.


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