Friday, August 12, 2011

From A Distance by CL Hart

Publisher:                 P.D. Publishing

Kenzie LeGault found the order and honor that her life was lacking when she joined the US Army and she was eager to accept when she was asked to join an elite force of covert assassins.  Kenzie would save the world by killing the people who threatened it.  After a while though, her assignments begin to bother her because something doesn't seem right about them.  When she is sent to Mexico to kill American student Cori Evans, for the first time Kenzie disobeys her orders and decides to find out why someone would want the seemingly harmless woman dead.  That decision will send them fleeing across Mexico and into the US pursued by other members of Kenzie's own unit.  Women who began as enemies find friendship and more as they have to depend on each other for survival.  Kenzie is determined to discover who has betrayed her trust and Cori is determined to go wherever Kenzie does.

CL Hart has created an engrossing and exciting adventure in From A Distance.  This is one of those books that, once you start reading it, is impossible to put down.  The pace is fast, which accentuates the suspense of the story, and the characters are interesting.  Hart weaves together political corruption, misplaced patriotism and deception to create a plot that seems outrageous and plausible at the same time.  The pressure that the two women feel is constant and creates tension in the story that radiates out to the reader.  Kenzie is perfectly portrayed as a woman who is both heroic and tragic at the same time as she travels with her dedicated and irrepressible sidekick Cori.  These are women living on the constant edge of disaster; yet they find ways to persevere.

As in her first book Facing Evil, CL Hart proves that a book with lesbian characters can appeal to a mainstream audience.  What drives the book is the suspense of the story and the interactions between the characters, not the romantic relationship of the women.  Fans of conspiracy, adventure, suspense or intrigue books will find this one thoroughly satisfying.  Readers who aren't interested in lesbian relationships should still give this book a chance.  Not doing so will deprive them of a terrific reading opportunity.

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