Thursday, August 18, 2011

Souls' Rescue by Pat Cronin

Publisher:            Regal Crest Enterprises

Talia Stoddard is having a normal day on her way to work until a truck comes crashing through the front of the building and pins her in the wreckage.  This brings paramedic firefighter Kelly McCoy to the scene. Kelly becomes Talia's lifeline until she can be rescued and continues to visit Talia as she recuperates in the hospital.   Talia suffers from an inferiority complex with good reason.  She thinks she's too tall, too big and too black for anyone to love her, a concept she's encouraged to believe by her overbearing mother and former lover.  Kelly is determined to prove to Talia that she's wrong, if she can get around her mother.

Souls' Rescue is a standard romance and as such is not a bad story.  There's little suspense as to where the story is heading, but it's fine for a quick read.  There are some problems with the book however.  For one, the story is too short and things happen too quickly.  In the time it takes to cut Talia out of the wreckage, Kelly falls completely in love.  Characters aren't given time to develop and the book has a rushed feeling to it.  The most serious problem is the number of mistakes in the book.  Words and names are misspelled and incorrect words are used throughout the book, for example, when the truck knocks a "whole" in the wall.  The mistakes extend into the author's biography page where one of the words in the title of a previous book is misspelled.

If the reader is looking for a story that will occupy a couple of hours of reading, Souls' Rescue will suit.  If you are the type of reader who is bothered by mistakes, you might want to try another book.

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