Monday, August 22, 2011

She's the One by Verda Foster and BL Miller

Publisher:                            Intaglio Publications

She's the One is the story of two police officers, Sgt. Laurel Waxman and rookie Nicole Burke, who become partners and friends, then discover that there is an attraction between them.  This isn't acceptable because Laurel is a senior officer and Nicole has a policy of not dating anyone that she works with.  Nicole made that mistake before and doesn't intend to repeat it.  The problem is that their emotions want to take them places where their heads say they shouldn't go.  To make the situation more difficult, their families are intertwined in various ways (Laurel's uncle is a mentor to Nicole's teenage brother), so they are brought together in their personal lives as well as on a professional level.  The women are caught in a situation of being drawn together while they try to push each other away. Ultimately, there seems to be only one way to solve the dilemma, but there is no guarantee that it will make either woman happy.

This is a simple story of two women discovering each other and trying to find a way to work out a relationship.  There is some character development, though not a great deal, and very little background story, just enough to explain some of Nicole's situation.  There is a little bit of action as the women go about their police work, but not enough to keep adventure lovers entertained.  There's nothing complicated about the book, just a straight forward telling of the events.   If you are a fan of Foster and Miller's previous works, Graceful Waters or Crystal's Heart, especially the former, don't expect that level of book from this one.  This one doesn't draw you into the story or involve you with the characters.  It makes a couple of hours of pleasurable reading, but it isn't one that will be considered a classic.

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