Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two Weeks in August by Nat Burns

Publisher:                    Bella Books

Nina Christie is running from a humiliating experience.  Her girlfriend left her standing at the altar, literally, and disappeared without a word, leaving Nina to explain to her family and friends what happened.  The problem is, she doesn't know.  When she inherits her grandfather's home on Chincoteague Island in Virginia, it seems a perfect solution.  She spent much of her childhood there, knows most of the people on the island and she can hide away while she nurses her hurt feelings.  Nina needs a place to stay while renovations are completed on the house, so she rents a cabin from Hazy Duncan, who has a reputation for being the town grump.  Hazy was hurt herself years before, doesn't trust women and doesn't believe in permanent relationships.  Although they react like acid and water, the women slowly form a friendship and then begin to explore deeper feelings.  When Nina's old girlfriend shows up trying to reclaim her, a misunderstanding destroys the little trust that Hazy has built up and seems to spell doom for any relationship between Nina and Hazy.

Two Weeks in August is a typical romance.  Two women meet, they overcome their feelings, then resolve the issues.  There's nothing new or challenging here; however, the story is well told and entertaining.  The characters are appealing, especially Hazy.  It also features some beautiful scenery and interesting glimpses of the small town life that develops in an island community.  The book is suited for a few hours of escapist reading.

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