Thursday, August 18, 2011

McKee the Return by A. C. Henley

Publisher:               Intaglio Publications

Quinlan McKee is a private investigator and heads an organization in Chicago that specializes in solving crimes.  She had lived in Los Angeles until her pregnant partner, a police officer, was murdered, then Quin retreated totally from her friends.  She is drawn back to the city to work on a case of child slavery and police corruption and during the investigation discovers that there are ties to the previous tragedy.  Quin doesn't mind twisting the law to suit her needs, which becomes difficult when she finds herself working with Detective Vivian Walsh, a by-the-book police officer.  They find themselves involved in corruption in many areas and learn that the line between friend and foe can be very indefinite.  Quin and Vivian may have a chance for a happy ending, if they can survive this case.

McKee the Return is a fairly average mystery.  It has the required really "bad guys" and there are some surprise turns in the story, but much of it is predictable.  Quin is interesting because she's not against using force to get what she wants, so she's not a classic "good guy." The book is fine for general reading.

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