Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Sweet Wild Dance by Mikaya Heart

Publisher:              Dog Ear Publishing

My Sweet Wild Dance takes the reader on a very personal trip through the life of Mikaya Heart.  In a series of vignettes she talks about her life growing up in Scotland and her experiences traveling around the world.  Her story includes humorous adventures, family conflict and traumatic encounters with other people.  As she grows out of childhood, she wanders from country to country taking life-threatening risks and abandoning lovers like used tissues.  She examines numerous religions, meditative styles and philosophies in a search to discover who she is, why she carries such anger inside and whether or not she can ever experience inner peace and love.

Much of this book is very interesting.  The stories of Heart's childhood and travels are told in an engaging manner, although there are enough instances of child abuse to make the reader uncomfortable.  The process she went through to discover her sexuality will strike a chord with many readers.  It's when she gets involved in mysticism, shamanism and other philosophies that the book begins to lose its focus.  She drifts from one idea to another and ends up mixing them into a belief system that works for her.

My Sweet Wild Dance is about a woman who is seeking freedom for herself, internally and externally.  A journey like this can result in liberation of a person from the constraints of society or provide excuses for treating other people badly.   The reader will have to decide which has occurred, but in either case Heart shows bravery in putting her story into print.

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