Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Murder Takes to the Hills by Jessica Thomas

Publisher:              Bella Books

This installment in the Alex Peres series finds Alex trying to solve mysteries in Provincetown and the hills of Tennessee.  Alex and her lover Cindy are having their house remodeled, which is putting a strain on both of them.  That increases when Cindy believes that someone is stalking her and Alex believes that a friend is being set up by some shady characters to be involved in a dangerous operation with her plane.  The strain becomes so great on them and the people around them that the pair decide what they need to do is get away for a while.  Cindy's cousin owns a cabin in Tennessee, which seems perfect, except that they walk right into the middle of a controversy there also.  A developer is trying to change the town in ways that many people resent and the company's enforcer is threatening people.  When the man turns up dead, Alex finds herself involved in solving a mystery anyway.  Seems there's no rest for the nosy.

Murder Takes to the Hills is a fairly snappy mystery.  Thomas has developed a formula for her series that makes the books entertaining and populated with eccentric and sometimes funny characters.  For people who try to avoid trouble, Alex and Cindy just can't seem to make that work.  People who have read the other books will find old friends and a new group who have a Southern flavor to them.  Not only does Thomas throw in distracters to keep the secrets from revealing too soon, but she runs three situations at once.  This book is very busy.

If someone is looking for a light, easy to read but entertaining story, then this book will suit the bill.

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