Thursday, August 11, 2011

Made For You by Geneva St. James

Publisher:                   Alpha World Press (1st edition); CreateSpace (2nd edition)

Julie Bell is dumped by her girlfriend Adrienne and, despite the fact that months have passed and Adrienne seems very satisfied with her new girlfriend Meagan, Julie is determined to get her back.  Julie totally ignores the fact that she destroyed the relationship by spending too many hours at work, ignoring Adrienne and the obvious signs that there were problems.  Instead she believes all she has to do is prove Meagan's low character and everything will go back to what Julie defines as normal.  Julie's emotions are out of control and she does ridiculous things to justify driving by where the other women live, arranging meetings with Adrienne and disturbing them with phone calls in the middle of the night.  Her world is obsessed with achieving her goal and she can't maintain a relationship with anyone else.  Her friends try to get her to give up what she is doing, but she dismisses them because they refused to take her side in this situation and that makes her angry.  Julie is determined that, if she can just show people who Meagan really is, then everything will go back to normal.

What is truly disturbing about this book is that some reviews are saying that it gives an accurate view of lesbian relationships and that every reader will be able to relate to at least one character in the story.  In reality Julie verges on the manic in the way she behaves.  While some scenes may have comedic value, for most of the book the reader probably will want to slap this woman and tell her to get on with her life.  That anyone thinks this is representative of lesbian life is disappointing.

This review is based on the original version of the book which was poorly produced with double spacing between sentences, extremely large print and lots of white space on the pages.  The result is that the story is much shorter than the page numbers would indicate.  The second edition published by CreateSpace may correct these problems, but buying a copy to find out wouldn't be worth it.

Made For You was difficult to read because of the cringe factor.  Some of what Julie does is difficult to read about because it's so embarrassing.  Some of the other characters in the book are much more interesting than the main character.  This might be alright for a few hours of escapism, but, with so many lesbian novels being published now, the money could be spent better on something else.

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