Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ambereye by Gill McKnight

Publisher:                   Bold Strokes Books

Ambereye is the second installment in McKnight's Garoul series about a werewolf family.  In this one, Julie Garoul, who is a top executive in the family's business Ambereye, Inc., is a demanding workaholic whose employees try to avoid her as much as possible.  Everyone loves Hope Glassy because she's kind, considerate and equally hardworking.  When Hope returns from a serious illness she can't believe she's been assigned to Julie as a personal assistant, but she's determined to make the best of the position.  When Julie says that they're going to work over Thanksgiving at her family's compound, Hope is furious, but she makes the trip to Little Dip.  This is when the misunderstandings kick in.  The family thinks that Julie is bringing home her mate for them to meet.  Julie likes the idea, but Hope is clueless about a number of things.  Can two strong willed women make this situation work?  And just how do you explain to someone that you and much of your family can turn into wolves?

This book has a great deal more humor in it than the first one in the series.  McKnight may be more comfortable with this family she has created.  The sparring between Julie and Hope in the beginning is similar to the banter that goes on in "The Odd Couple."  It starts with a squabble over who owns the best office chair, moves to who makes the coffee and then takes a serious turn as Julie realizes her feelings are changing.  It's a classic story of a curmudgeon who is slowly turned into a likeable character by a lighter spirit.  The early scenes that show them interacting are the best in the book.  Once they arrive in Little Dip the story takes a turn into becoming a routine romance, except for the werewolf thing.

People who think they don't like supernatural stories should give this book a chance.  It's well told and entertaining.  If you want a good laugh, it's good for that.  It's an easy read and the main characters are very appealing.  Besides, the Garoul family and how it functions in a modern world is very interesting.  What more can a reader ask for in exchange for a few hours?

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