Saturday, August 13, 2011

In the Name of the Father by Gerri Hill

Publisher:                     Bella Books

The main characters from Gerri Hill's previous book Hunter's Way reappear in this sequel. Homicide detectives Tori Hunter and Samantha Kennedy, who are partners both at work and at home, are still trying to clarify their new relationship when they are called in to investigate a controversial case. A popular priest is found murdered and naked in the rectory and a sex scandal threatens to engulf the Catholic Church and the Dallas political structure. Dead bodies begin to mount up as attempts are made to cover up the story and authorities try to force the police to close a case that really hasn't been solved. 

The situation becomes more stressful when Tori and Samantha are separated by the department and put in different divisions. The pressure from their professional lives and the disruption to their private lives threatens their relationship. Tori finds herself battling public relations experts, the police department and City Hall by herself as she tries to settle the crime and adjust to not having Samantha with her on the job. Each clue leads in a new direction and Tori wonders if she has finally encountered the case that can't be resolved.

If you're a Gerri Hill fan, you'll enjoy catching up with the characters from the previous book; however, this is not one of Hill's better books. The plot never clicked into place. The reader never really cares that this priest was murdered, and there's no connection with the other characters. 

What Hill does well is to keep the solution to the murders a puzzle until the end of the book, and there is a quirky twist to the end of the book that is rather nice. If this is the first Hill book you're reading, don't let it keep you from trying the others.

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