Saturday, August 13, 2011

High Risk by JLee Meyer

Publisher:                  Bold Strokes Books

In her previous book, Hotel Liaison, JLee Meyer introduced Laurel Hoffman, her partner Stefanie Beresford and the hotel they were restoring to be a gathering center for a very unique group of powerful and influential women.  High Risk picks up the story as the hotel is preparing to open and Laurel has called on her sister Kate, a famous actress, to give the event star power.  When Kate agrees she doesn't realize she will be brought into contact with a woman she has been trying to avoid for five years, super agent Dasher Pate.  She's been warned that associating with Dasher could ruin her career, but every time they are together, Kate feels a growing attraction for the other woman, which confuses her.  Dasher has loved Kate for years, but she can't risk being rejected again.  Eventually Kate will have to decide where her priorities lie; what is more important, her career or finally having someone who loves her for who she is?

High Risk is a typical romance, with the normal amount of conflict and misunderstandings.  What makes it worth reading is the fact that it's a very entertaining story and it's told very well.  The pacing of the story is excellent and the characters are exceptionally appealing, especially Kate and Dash.  There is tension at appropriate moments and Meyer includes some very humorous scenes and personalities.  Kate and Dash go on a camping trip that takes on the tone of a slapstick comedy and Dash's mother proves to be a most unusual person.  The interactions between all of the characters seem very realistic and make the story more believable.  The resolution with the villain in the story seems a little contrived, but it's also satisfying, so the coincidences can be forgiven.

High Risk would be a perfect choice for a reader who wants to spend a few hours escaping from the world.  

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