Sunday, August 14, 2011

Comfortable Distance by Kenna White

Publisher:               Bella Books

Dana Robbins is a successful syndicated cartoonist who plans to spend her summer vacation on a houseboat.  The boat isn't going anywhere.  She just needs to get away from her girlfriend Shannon so that she can think about their relationship.  Shannon has proven that she can't be trusted and Dana isn't sure they have a future.  There is a whole community that lives at the harbor on boats and she soon makes a new group of friends, including Dr. Jamie Hughes, a marine biologist, who is studying Puget Sound and its ecosystem.  When Jamie has to rescue Dana and her niece from a sailing accident, the women become sailing friends and Jamie decides to help Dana work through her trouble.  Neither woman is considering any other kind of relationship, but an attraction is inevitable.  Shannon isn't going to give up Dana without a fight though and that may doom any chance Jamie has of pursuing her interest in Dana.

Kenna White writes quick easy to read romances.  They follow a traditional formula and have the expected conclusion.  Her characters are appealing and the story flows evenly.  There isn't much depth to this story and parts of it seem rushed, but there are some nice scenes.  There could have been more plot and character development, but both are sufficient to move the story along.  This is for the fans of light romance.

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