Sunday, August 14, 2011

Come Back to Me by Chris Paynter

Publisher:                  Blue Feather Books

Angie Cantinnini writes great detective stories, but her publisher and agent don't believe that people will accept the books under a woman's name, so she has hidden behind the pseudonym "Zack England" for years.  Her success allows her to live in obscurity on a boat in Key West and everyone thinks she is simply the owner of a popular bar.  All of that starts to unravel when a prestigious newspaper hires a new book reviewer.  Meryl McClain not only uses her first column to trash "England's" latest book, but she suggests that "he" may in fact be a "she."  Angie isn't sure what is worse, that her secret is about to be revealed or that Meryl is the woman she has loved for years.  When Meryl's boss gives her the assignment to find out the truth about England, she pops up unexpectedly in Key West and the women are reunited.  Angie will have to make a decision, reveal the truth and possibly lose her career or hide the truth and lose Meryl.

This is a well written book and shows Paynter's growth as an author.  She uses flashbacks efficiently to show the depth of the women's previous relationship and why they are uncomfortable around each other.  It follows a typical romantic format and the characters are pleasant.  The course of the story is predictable, but it's still enjoyable to read. 

One interesting aspect is the fact that the author uses a pseudonym.  This book is written for a population that is use to authors who have to use other names to hide their identities, though not for the same reason.  The reader will be reminded that there are still reasons for identity to be obscured.

Come Back To Me is a quick easy read, fine for an afternoon or evening of escapism.

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