Friday, August 12, 2011

Absolute Forgiveness by Addison Paisley (Alison Pinsonneault)

Publisher:             iUniverse

Andrea Reynolds and Heather Johnson were childhood friends, but were separated when Andrea's mother is killed by her father and she goes away to live with other family members.  Years later Andrea is sent back to her hometown by her employer to set up a new production line at a plant.  Since she will only be in town for a limited time, she decides to rent a room in a house, then is stunned to discover that it's Heather's house.  Both women harbor difficult feelings from what occurred between them before and they struggle to come to terms with those.  Heather's ex-girl friend Robin does everything she can to keep them apart.  Not only do they have to deal with the past, but they have to establish trust in the present.  Caring for each other becomes quite easy, but being able to forgive each other will hold the answer to whether or not they can establish a closer relationship.  

Some people avoid self-published books because their quality can be questionable.  That's not a consideration in this case.  Paisley tells a fairly good story with no grammar or printing problems.  Any weaknesses in the book are due to issues with the plot, not the set up.  This is a straight forward romance that follows the typical formula.  The plot is a little contrived, but it works.

Absolute Forgiveness tells an interesting story with likable characters.  The plot is predictable, but entertaining.  The book is short, so it won't take long to read it.

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