Friday, August 12, 2011

Above Temptation by Karin Kallmaker

Publisher:                Bella Books

Karin Kallmaker enters the world of cyber business for her latest romance.

After failing to qualify as a Secret Service agent, Kip Barrett went to work for Sterling Fraud Investigations where she specializes in tracking financial transactions.  She's very good at her job, but she's still surprised when CEO Tamara Sterling gives her the special assignment to find out who is embezzling money from the company.  Kip has complete access to all of the company's records, but she can't tell anyone else what she is doing and she is to trust no one, including Tam.  That proves to be prudent because, as she tracks the culprit through paperwork and cyber information, she can't prove that Tam isn't the thief.  Kip and Tam develop an attraction for each other, but there is a strict non-fraternization policy at the company and Kip refuses to compromise her integrity.  If Tam turns out to be the thief, Kip is going to make sure she is prosecuted.  As they dodge government investigators, rumors in financial newspapers and use false identities to sneak out of the country, Kip is determined to do her job first and worry about a relationship later.  At the heart of the story is the issue of trust between the two women and the answer to the puzzle turns out to be the worst kind of betrayal possible.

Kallmaker has written a nice tight suspense story with some action included.  Though it's a romance, that's not what drives most of the action.  Sometimes the reader can get a little lost in the discussion of the technology involved and the details of how information is gathered, but that's a minor point.  This is the type of solid romance that Kallmaker's fans expect from her.  The most curious question about the book is the cover.  It really doesn't reflect the story at all and could mislead a reader about what to expect.

Karin Kallmaker is referred to sometimes as the "queen" of lesbian romance.  Above Temptation is an example of why she has earned the title, but it is proof that she can handle other aspects of a story also.

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