Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trails Merge by Rachel Spangler

Publisher:              Bold Strokes Books

Family is very important to Campbell Carson and she wants one of her own, but her partner doesn’t, so, when an ultimatum is issued, Campbell feels she has no choice.  She moves back to the family run ski resort at Bear Run and decides to devote her life to the family she has and become everyone’s favorite aunt.  The resort is in financial trouble though and the family decides to hire an expert on public relations to recruit customers.  Parker Riley was a high powered operator in Chicago’s political circles, famous for being able to get politicians elected to office and to maintain their images.  When she found that she was working for a man who didn’t live up to her image of him, she quit, fled Chicago and now finds herself at Bear Run.  Parker is totally out of her element.  She’s supposed to rejuvenate a ski resort when she’s never skied,   she knows nothing about life in a small town and dealing with the dynamics of this family is foreign to her.  As Campbell tries to help her fit in, the women develop an impending feeling of doom that they are falling in love.  One loves the city, the other loves the mountain.  When Parker’s past catches up with her, it forces them to confront whether or not they can make the relationship work.

Trails Merge is a mature love story.  It’s nice to read about two characters who know what they want and approach it in a mature way instead of stumbling around trying to figure out who they are.  The tension in the story comes from the fact that they want very different things, so different that they don’t seem reconcilable.  The characters are complex in their feelings and these women deal honestly with each other without any game playing.  The seriousness of the book is punctured with humor in just the correct amount.

This is a pleasurable book to read.  The story is strong and the reader will feel like she got her money’s worth from this book.

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