Saturday, August 13, 2011

Three Doses of Murder by Anne Azel

Publisher:             P. D. Publishing

A sequel to Murder in Triplicate, Three Doses of Murder serves up forensic scientist Aliki Pateas and her extended family again as they tackle three more murders. As she moves from story to story, Aliki is trying to find a way to finally propose to her lover Dawn, but bodies keep getting in the way. 

In "Dead Duck," Aliki and her half-sister, Robbie Williams, are flying home for their brother's wedding and so that Robbie can meet her real father for the first time. As if that weren't trying enough, ritual sacrifices that are occurring draw them into a complex murder investigation. 

"Dead Right" has Aliki reeling when a serial killer convinces her that she was responsible for an airplane full of people crashing. She feels she has to go undercover to catch whoever did this, but it could cost her the relationship with Dawn and even her life. 

The final story, "Dead Ringer," has Aliki, Robbie and their families in South America to attend a conference. A scientist disappears, mummified bodies are involved and they end up in a desert in northern Chile trying to survive. Aliki's dreams of being able to propose to Dawn and have a nice quiet family wedding don't seem to have much chance of happening; but Robbie, her wife, Janet, and all of the children will do all they can to help the process.

It's obvious that this book was originally part of one book combined with the previous volume of stories, Murder in Triplicate. The opening line is, "A few months later, the Pateas and Williams families found themselves together again." This makes no sense unless the stories were together in one volume. It also shows that the editor should have paid more attention to the second volume. If a reader does not know there is another book, that sentence is going to have her totally confused. 

Once again Azel delivers some fun stories with interesting characters. The mysteries won't tax your brain much, but Three Doses of Murder is fun to read and a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.

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