Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Table For Two by Janet Albert

Publisher:                               Regal Crest Enterprises, LLC

Ridley Kelsen is excited about starting the school year at a new location, especially since her best friend Laurie already teaches there.  Her social life hasn't worked out very well, but reuniting with Laurie and her partner Karen will open up her circle of friends.  One of the people they introduce her to is Dana De Marco, the owner and chief chef at a trendy new restaurant in Philadelphia.  Dana's heart was broken by a lover who betrayed her, one that she still thinks she loves, so she's not interested in anything but friendship from anyone.  Ridley falls in love with Dana the first time she sees her, but Dana has to overcome her past if they are going to have a future.  Nothing seems certain, especially when Dana announces that she is going back to Chicago to meet with the woman who hurt her.  Ridley has to face the fact that she may lose the only woman she's ever loved.

A Table for Two is a routine romance.  The women meet, deal with obstacles and the story follows the usual progression.  The book is difficult to become engaged with because the characters are somewhat flat and unusually naïve for people of their ages.  Sometimes they seem more like teenagers than women in their thirties.  They spend more time talking to their friends than they do to each other.  The relationship isn't really given a chance to develop and the characters don't show a lot of depth.  The scene between Dana and her former lover just doesn't ring true at all.  The book also has a number of mistakes that an editor should have picked up.

This is a passable story and anyone looking for a book to pass the afternoon with will probably enjoy it.  It's not a book that will stick with you though.

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