Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Survive the Dawn by Kate Sweeney

Publisher:              Intaglio Publications

Survive the Dawn is the sequel to Sweeney’s Away From the Dawn, featuring the characters Sebastian the vampire and her lover Dr. Alex Taylor.  Alex carries a serum in her body that will allow vampires to stay out during the day and is searching for a way to process it so that it will be more accessible to Sebastian and other vampires who think like her.  They travel to England so that Alex can consult with another scientist who is working on the same idea.  While Alex deals with her, Sebastian prepares for the confrontation with Nicolae, who is trying to take over sole leadership of the vampires.  He goes to the extent of resurrecting Leigh a dead vampire destroyed by Sebastian.  Nothing can stop Sebastian from assuming her power though and the lines are clearly drawn for a future conflict.  Will vampires follow the brutal, murderous methods of Nicolae or let Sebastian take them into a new future, possibly in the light of day?  Alex may hold the answer to that question in her blood if Sebastian can keep her alive.

Even people who are not normally vampire fans will likely find this book interesting.  The story is well written, but it’s the details about vampire life that make it different.  Sweeney spends time explaining the history of how the creatures were created and their culture, some of which contradicts commonly held beliefs.  There’s also something intriguing about a character who is trying to battle what is her intrinsic nature to become something better.  Sebastian can’t help being pulled into the violence of her world, but she resists as much as she can and isn’t satisfied when it happens.  Sweeney has created a curious character in the resurrected Leigh.  She comes back from the undead (maybe that should be the un-undead) and is more than a little crazy.   

It’s quite obvious that Sweeney is planning another book in this series.  The reader will have to wait to find out what happens with Alex’s quest for the serum, Sebastian’s battle with Nicolae and just what part Leigh’s insanity will play in the story.

Survive the Dawn was a fun and informative book to read.  The characters stay interesting and that helps to make the book.  This would be a perfect book for an afternoon read.  If you’re susceptible to vampire stories, you might not want to read it at night.

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