Thursday, August 18, 2011

Starting from Scratch by Georgia Beers

Publisher:               Brisk Press

Georgia Beers shows once again why she has a legion of fans as she presents a romance that reflects the difficulties of two women who are falling in love, but who believe they are pursuing contradictory objectives.

Avery King leads a very limited life, but she likes it that way.  A failed relationship convinces her that being alone might not be so bad as long as she has her dog Steve to come home to.  Besides that she goes to work, visits her beloved grandmother, and spends time with a few close friends.  When life challenges her, she works through the situation by baking.  She's about to do a lot of that.

If there's one thing Avery is sure of it's that she doesn't do well with children, so she can't believe it when a friend calls in a debt and has her coaching a T-ball team.  One of the children Max is special though and he has a beautiful mother who becomes very special, too.  Elena Walker seems to be everything Avery wants in a woman, but she comes with a child and Avery isn't sure she wants the responsibility of that type of relationship.  Baking isn't going to provide the answer to this problem.

Beers shows her writing experience in creating this book.  She knows how to pace a story so that the events unfold gradually and at a believable pace.  Avery doesn't suddenly discover overnight that she loves children and events don't tie themselves up with the speed of a runaway train.  Everything unfolds gradually, including any conflict or resolution that arises.  She creates characters that the reader can not only relate to, but feel that she knows.  The dialogue is realistic and the events seem true to life.

Starting From Scratch is what Beers' fans expect from her, a solid romance with appealing characters and a great deal of humor.  A reader looking for mystery, suspense or adventure won't find them here, but will find a satisfying book worth spending a few hours with.  Remember there's a cute dog and a cute child and the book becomes pretty irresistible.

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