Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Secrets So Deep by KG MacGregor

Publisher:                  Bella Books

There are many kinds of secrets. There are those that you keep to protect yourself and those that protect other people. There are the ones you keep out of pride, the ones out of love and the ones you keep out of fear. And there are the secrets you keep because you're professionally required to do so or you think society doesn't leave you any other choice. All of them have an impact on how you live your life and all of them are found in Secrets So Deep

Congresswoman Glynn Wright knows about secrets. She loved her husband Sebastian "Bas" totally and since his accidental death has tried to fill his Congressional seat as he would have. That means hiding her bisexuality from her constituents who tend to be more conservative. She has also chosen to cover up the fact that she is being treated for breast cancer. All of her secrets may become inconsequential though when her son Sebastian, Jr. "Sebby" tries to kill himself, again.

Glynn is devoted to her son, who she knows has been suffering terribly since his father's death. She will do anything to see him made well and decides to put her trust in Dr. Charlotte Blue, the psychiatrist who does his intake at the hospital, by revealing everything in the hope that it will do some good for Sebby. When Charlotte recommends a residential facility under another doctor's care, Glynn agrees even though she misses her son.

In her loneliness, she turns to Charlotte as a friend and it isn’t long before they develop stronger feelings for each other. Those feelings are going to be seriously tested when Glynn finds herself under suspicion in a courtroom. Now all will be revealed – her lifestyle, her illness, her involvement with Charlotte. Can she salvage her political career? Will this set back her treatments? Will she lose Charlotte? And, most importantly, how will all of this affect her relationship with Sebby?

KG MacGregor has demonstrated her mastery of the craft in this story. Her plot is not linear or one dimensional as in many books. There is the political plot of Glynn trying to do her job, the medical plot of Sebby's treatment and the love story involving Glynn and Charlotte. The separate plots flow together and wrap around each other creating a cohesive story with great reality. MacGregor's characters are extremely true to life. Glynn has weak and strong moments, periods of indecision when she's not sure what is the right thing to do. Charlotte had doubts about Glynn's innocence, as anyone would who hasn't known someone for very long. The reader can feel and identify with what these characters are experiencing. This is one of MacGregor's best written books and definitely worth reading.

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