Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Racing Toward Providence by Laurel Mills

Publisher:             Intaglio Publications

Samantha Warren bought a piece of land outside of a small town in Maine and the cabin on it so that she could live in seclusion.  She wants to paint without interruption and doesn’t care that it angers the local people when she posts no hunting signs on her property.  That life unravels when her brother and sister-in-law are suddenly killed and she finds herself caring for her 8 year old nephew Timmy.  Samantha doesn’t want her life to change and she has no idea what to do with a small boy, so she thinks this will be temporary until she can make some other arrangement for the child.  She doesn’t expect to develop feelings for him.  She also doesn’t expect to develop feelings for Kate Sinclair, a local school teacher, but Kate is very attractive and knows exactly how to keep the child entertained.  When Timmy disappears and the whole community turns out to help find him, Samantha finds she has to adjust her feelings about the town, Timmy, Kate and her lifestyle.

This book is unusual because it’s told in the first person, so the only perceptions are those of Samantha.  That tends to make the story one dimensional and the characters not as well developed.  Mills does a better job of describing the scenery than she does the people in the book.  These aren’t characters that stir much interest. The dialogue is a little stilted and it’s not clear where the title of the book came from. It’s a quick and easy read, fine for a couple of hours of diversion, but this probably won’t be a permanent addition to your library. 

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