Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Power Play by Julie Cannon

Publisher:              Bold Strokes Books

Tate Monroe and Victoria Sosa are both powerful business women and they each want to buy Braxton Products, but for very different reasons.  Tate has a chance to finally achieve the goal she's been working towards for years because, if she can close this deal, she will be named the CEO of Sumner Enterprises.  Victoria is already the CEO of Drake Pharmaceuticals, a company that is experiencing financial difficulties.  If she can't close the deal, she will lose her position.  Peter Braxton throws a twist into their bidding war when he insists that the women attend a tour of the various Braxton facilities together before he chooses which one to sell to.  The women fight a mutual attraction, but eventually find themselves in a torrid affair.  That gives Tate the opening she needs to betray Victoria and reach her goal.  There is a lesson to learn here however.  Sometimes the goal you work toward isn't the one you really want to achieve.

Power Play is a book in the Matinee Romance series published by Bold Strokes Books.  The company describes these books as "focusing on passion, exciting relationships, and compelling attractions in a tightly written, engaging package….Plots don’t have to be complicated…."  This book certainly isn't complicated and there are some steamy sex scenes.  The plot is straight forward and follows the formula for a routine romance.  The characters aren't exceptional, but they're appealing within the confines of the story.   

If the reader is looking for something fast to read that doesn't require much attention, this book is suitable.  

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