Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Of Course It's Murder by Kate Sweeney

Publisher:               Intaglio Publications

Can Kate Ryan do anything without running into a murder?

Kate is sent to New England on what is supposed to be an easy assignment to take pictures of an inn for her editor's ex-cousin-in-law Simon Merriweather.  Kate thinks this will give her time to consider her relationship with Dr. Maggie Winfield, who has suggested they move in together, but things start to become strange right away.  Kate sees someone watching the inn at night and has a very uneasy feeling about the decorator who has worked on the place.  Then three elderly female friends of Simon descend on the place, closely followed by his cousin Helen, who no one seems to like, and a young married couple who give Kate strange vibes.  When Kate finds Helen murdered one night, she discovers she has to help the inexperienced sheriff solve the case before she's locked up as the prime suspect.  Everyone seems to be hiding secrets and Kate has to figure out what they are.  As usual Kate gets knocked in the head a few times and finds herself drawing Maggie into a dangerous situation.  What neither of them knows is that an old enemy is also involved in the situation.

Sweeney continues her series with her lovable and reluctant detective Kate Ryan.  Once again Kate is surrounded by colorful characters with quirky behavior and has to stumble her way through the clues she is provided.  Kate solves crimes, but it's never easy, or safe, for her and those around her.  The story contains the same humor that fans have come to expect and it furthers the relationship between Kate and Maggie.

Kate Ryan mysteries are easy and quick to read.  There is always a well-crafted mystery at the center of each book and the enjoyable characters make a pleasant bonus.  The ending of this book points in the direction of another installment in the series, which will definitely please its fans.

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