Tuesday, August 16, 2011

October's Promise by Marianne Garver

Publisher:                 Bella Books

Libby Jackson is living a satisfying, if unexciting, life in New York City as an advertising executive.  When someone she has never heard of leaves her some property in Turtle Cove, New Hampshire, it seems like a good way to get away for a few days.  She quickly finds herself surrounded by mysteries.  Why does the town seem familiar?  Who is the stranger who left her his property?  And just who owns this strange dog that keeps showing up and guiding Libby in making decisions?

Quinn Barnett likes being a free soul.  She goes where she wants, does what she wants and has no interest in settling down.  She's just planning on passing through Turtle Cove when she meets Libby who seems to need help with a lot of things.  Libby can't start her car.  Libby gets locked in a basement with no one knowing she needs help.  Libby needs to fix up some property.  And then there's this darn dog that won't leave Quinn alone and always seems to know when Libby is in trouble.

Neither woman has plans to stay in Turtle Cove, but the scenery is beautiful and the people in the town are friendly.  Maybe it's time to make some life changes for both women.  Besides, doesn't one of them have to take care of that dog?

October's Promise is a fairly standard romance from that version where two feisty women meet and have to get past their stubbornness to see what each means to the other.  The story, while well told, follows a predictable course and offers no surprises.  The best character in the book is the dog that keeps popping up and seems to be clued into all of the situations better than the humans.  The scenes where he appears are the best in the book.

This book has humor, nice characters and some good sex scenes.  A romance fan will find all she wants to distract her for a few hours.  Plus, that dog is pretty hard to resist.  Since it's mentioned in the epilogue, there's a good chance that he hasn't stopped interfering with lives around Turtle Cove.

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