Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mine by Georgia Beers

Publisher:                Bold Strokes Books

Courtney McAllister has been unsuccessfully trying to pull her life back together for the three years since the death of her partner Theresa in an accident.  Moving on is a hard thing to do though.  Therapy and her group for surviving spouses help, but not enough.  She’s still living in the house she and Theresa bought together and the memories come too easily.  Her friend Amelia finally convinces Courtney that selling the house and finding something smaller is a step in the right direction and that’s when she meets Rachel Hart, Million Dollar Producer of real estate sales.  Rachel is consumed with her career and not interested in long term commitments beyond her regular volunteer work at the animal shelter.  She has no family or friends to distract her from selling property until she meets Courtney.  Each of these women is searching for something that she can call hers.  Courtney is looking for a new life, possibly a new love.  Rachel is hoping for someone who will put her first and that might be Courtney if she can finally lay Theresa to rest.

Beers has mastered the genre of romance writing.  Another in her series of novels that explore the emotions that go into building relationships, once again she has created appealing characters tied together in a plausible plot.  This time she shows two women who have shut themselves off for different reasons and then explores how they help each other to change their lives.  Beers is a believer in the concept of the traditional romance formula, so the reader looking for that should find this book entertaining and satisfying.

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