Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Magic In Our Hearts by Jeanne McCann

Publisher:           iUniverse

Taylor Aronson is beautiful and successful. She and her friend Jeb have a rehabilitation facility that has an excellent reputation and a growing list of clients. The fact that her life is empty bothers her, but there doesn't seem to be a solution. Then trouble arrives in the form of Brett Andreson. Taylor and Brett knew each other years before, but the skiing champion broke Taylor's heart and she hasn't trusted anyone with it since. 

Now Brett's mother is asking for a favor. Brett has suffered an accident that has ended her skiing career, but it's also broken her spirit and sent her into a downward spiral of alcoholism. Brett's mother wants Taylor to help her daughter put her life back together and find some purpose to go on. Taylor resists the assignment until she learns that the older woman is suffering from cancer Taylor feels obligated to fulfill her request. Bringing the women together reignites their feelings for each other and, as Brett grows stronger, the chance for them to have a life together seems to increase. Illness, other women and the lure of the bottle may dash their hopes again if they can't find the strength in each other to overcome these trials.

Jeanne McCann has written several romance novels with basically the same theme. McCann writes basic romances, women meet, women overcome challenges, women find happiness. She tells a pretty routine story and throws in some steamy sex scenes. There's seldom any adventure or much tension and Magic In Our Hearts follows a predictable course, but it’s a pleasant enough read.

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