Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little White Lie by Lea Santos

Publisher:                   Bold Strokes Books

Little White Lie is from the Matinee imprint of Bold Strokes Books.  That means it is meant to be straight forward romance and a quick read.

Emie Jaramillo is a respected scientist working on developing cloning and she assumes that is why she has been invited to speak on a television show.  Instead, she finds that she has been set up by someone she knows and it turns into a humiliating experience.  Gia Mendez is the make-up woman on the show and realizes that Emie does not understand what is going to happen, but she does not warn her either.  Afterward, Gia chases Emie back to Denver to both apologize and get to know her better.  Emie can only think about revenge.  She convinces Gia to help her do a make-over so that she can strike back at her rival.  Gia agrees because she thinks she can make Emie realize instead how beautiful she is and that they could have a future together.  Both women need to overcome their insecurities before they can hope to have a relationship. 

This book is good for what it is meant to be.  This is intended for reading on the beach or in the afternoon or whenever there is some free time.  It is not intended to be heavy on plot or character development.  It follows the usual pattern for a romance and has the required happy ending.  Anyone who has read many romance novels will know where this story is headed before the first chapter is finished.

Little White Lie is short and easy to read.  It is fine for just relaxing for a little while.

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