Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Liar's Moon by Kate Sweeney

Publisher:              Intaglio Publications

Liar's Moon is the sequel to Kate Sweeney's award winning novel Residual Moon.  It continues the story of Grayson MacCarthaigh, a former Chicago police detective who has been granted immortality and special powers in order to protect Ireland and its ancient traditions.

Grayson has taken up residence in the village her family has protected for generations so that she and her friend Corky can study ancient manuscripts about the Celtic people and the Tuatha De Danann.  Those hold the key to what Grayson is meant to do in her new role and will hopefully give her information about how to defeat Phelan Tynan, the ancient wizard who wants to steal her power.  Amid visitations of immortal beings and visions provided by Grayson's deceased mother, a new threat is revealed.  Someone close to Grayson is a hidden enemy and will be revealed during the Liar's Moon.  Before that happens, she and Corky need to find some way to combat this new force.  In the process Gray discovers that many people around her have reasons to lie about their lives.  Who can she trust?

Liar's Moon is actually a mystery.  The characters have to decipher prophecies, hunt down evidence and evaluate clues.  This keeps the reader truly guessing as to what will happen next and Sweeney provides plenty of misdirection to hide who the traitor is until the very end of the book.  It has a wonderful environment full of the Irish landscape and stories of the ancient world.  The brooding Irish weather adds to the feeling of the story and enhances the sense of mystery and old evil.  The reader can identify with Gray's feelings as her world is turned inside out and she struggles to understand what is going on around her and why she has been chosen to deal with it.  Sweeney's fans also will have a chance to enjoy characters they have met in previous books, especially the vampire Sebastian, who is Grayson's reluctant associate. 

Liar's Moon is an entertaining book to read, full of engaging characters, mythology and tension.  It might help to read Residual Moon first to fully grasp what is happening, but it's not necessary since Sweeney provides enough to fill in what a new reader needs to follow the story.  This would be a good choice to read.

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