Monday, August 15, 2011

Lavender Secrets by Sandra Barret

Publisher:               Regal Crest Enterprises

Relationships are complex. They can be nurturing and supportive or the most destructive aspect in a person's life. They shape how a person thinks and reacts to situations and other people. Learning how to deal with them, especially if the relationship isn't positive, can be the most difficult part of living.

Lavender Secrets is about relationships. Emma Levanteur has a number of issues to cope with. She comes from a working class background and aspires to be more, so she is in graduate school working on a degree in mathematics. Emma shares an apartment with a former girlfriend and has to adjust to the new and dangerous relationship that the ex-girlfriend is involved in. How far should she or does she have the right to involve herself in the situation to protect an old love? 

Emma also must deal with the bitter emotions that she and her mother share over the fact that her father deserted them years before. To complicate matters further, there's Nicole Davis, an attractive, captivating and straight professor of English literature who has Emma's emotions in turmoil. When Emma is hired to be the consultant for Nicole's wedding, the women find themselves being drawn to each other, which confuses Nicole and the plans she has made for her future. 

Can a lesbian and a straight woman truly just be friends when one of them knows she is in love with the other? What type of relationship does Nicole have with her future husband and his family? Does she really want to spend her life with these pompous, self-important people or could there be happiness in a new kind of relationship with Emma? Emma can't escape questions either when her father suddenly reappears with a new family. How does she establish a relationship with him while not destroying the one she has with her mother? Life is usually complex and it certainly is in this book.

At first, Lavender Secrets appears to be another romance, but, as the story unfolds, it is clear that much more is developing. These people are trying to learn how they fit into each other's lives. They are also struggling to understand what they want from those lives and the people who are involved in them. It is about making connections, altering some connections and learning to sever others. 

The book is about learning how to put the pieces of your puzzle together so that you get the best fit possible between all of your relationships to create the most satisfying life that you can. And the bonus in this book is that everything takes place in what is a plain good story.  Lavender Secrets is well worth the time you will spend reading it.

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