Monday, August 15, 2011

Knight Predator by Jordan Falconer

Publisher:               Bedazzled Ink Publishing

Carlisle Crowley is a different kind of vampire.  She feeds off of humans only when she has to and then she chooses those who prey on the weak and innocent.  One night she goes out for a walk and discovers a small child named Bronwyn Hunter.  The vampire takes Bronwyn home to her parents not realizing that she has set in motion events that will change both of their lives.  When they meet again Bronwyn is seventeen, rebellious and determined to make a life with Carlisle.  Because her parents have rejected her and to get her off of the streets, Carlisle agrees to let Bronwyn come live with her.  Carlisle thinks they'll just be friends, but Bronwyn is alluring and knows what she wants.  Soon they are showing each other that there is a greater possibility for them.  Unfortunately, Crowley is being hunted by other vampires because she is trying to overcome her instincts.  She will have to determine what Bronwyn means to her before she involves her in this battle.

Falconer's book is another one of those about the "good" vampire.  Carlisle is trying to reject the normal life associated with the creatures and live like a "regular" person.  The reader gets a chance to see a person fighting against her inherent nature.  The story between Carlisle and Bronwyn reveals the tension between two characters who shouldn't be together, but can't resist the pull.  The real conflict in the book comes at the end, but is very intense.

Knight Predator is a good story about unconventional characters.  It falls in among the many books that seem to revolve around this subject right now, but that doesn't detract from it being a good way to be entertained.

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