Monday, August 15, 2011

Journeys: An Anthology of Life by A.L. Hotchkin

Publisher:               L-Book

Journeys: An Anthology of Life is a collection of stories about various subjects.  Some are about regular humans and others are about fallen angels, vampires and other creatures.  The themes deal with death, dying, love and the battle for humanity.  The longest story in the collection is about a battle between the angels for the existence of mankind.

This book is perplexing.  The description on the back of the book says that it's about the author's journey through life and that each one shows a window into her world.  A couple of the stories are about normal people, but the bulk of the book is about Fallen Angels doing battle with other supernatural beings and one story is about vampires.  It's not clear how those stories relate to anyone's life.  There's no theme that seems to tie the stories together and sometimes it's not clear exactly what a story is about.  The writing is good, but some of the stories seem obtuse.

Journeys: An Anthology of Life is one of those books that has to be judged by the individual reader.  Each one may find something different to take away from it.

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