Monday, August 15, 2011

From This Moment On by PJ Trebelhorn

Publisher:                 Bold Strokes Press

Devon Conway is finally ready to stop running.  She started three years ago when a drunk driver killed her lover and the child they were going to have.  The only way Devon could deal with it at the time was to just disappear from everyone.  Now it's time to come home, face the people she deserted and try to put her life back together.  That includes dealing with her lover's cheating twin sister, her best friend Rhonda and their friend Katherine Hunter.  Katherine is a veterinarian who helps out at Rhonda's art gallery and she too has suffered loss.  Neither woman is looking for a relationship, but fate keeps putting Devon and Katherine together.  They might have a future if they can get around the past. 

This is a solid and familiar romance.  It deals with a well known topic, recovering from loss and moving on with your life.  Both Devon and Katherine are reluctant to do that so they work at building a relationship slowly, with insecurity and doubts.  The emotions they encounter are easily understandable and handled in a realistic manner.  As often happens, it will take another near tragedy to clear both of their minds.

From This Moment On is a good story and reads quickly.  Trebelhorn does a good job in her debut novel.

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