Monday, August 15, 2011

Forever Found by JLee Meyer

Publisher:                  Bold Strokes Books

What happens when soul mates are ripped apart and then suffer a tragedy so profound that they should never be able to tolerate each other again? 

Dana Ryan and Keri Flemons were so close as children that they could finish sentences for each other. At the age of six, before they understood the ways of the world, they decided that they would be married some day. Unfortunately, when you are six, you don't control your own life and the friends find themselves separated by a parent who doesn't understand their closeness. Any chance of them ever reuniting seems smashed years later when an accident, caused by Keri, robs Dana of a promising career in professional soccer and her father. Keri's callous treatment of the situation only convinces Dana that there never was really any bond between them.

The bulk of the novel deals with years later when Keri has assumed the management duties once held by her father over a professional football team. She quickly discovers that something is wrong in the team organization and there are forces trying to force her out of her position. When the team photographer suggests a book of photographs of her in action and that the photographer they choose could act as a buffer to discussions, the idea seems logical and leads to a blind competition to find someone to do the job. When Keri discovers that she has unknowingly chosen Dana's work, she knows that convincing her to take the job will be a gigantic hurdle. For Dana, everything is at stake. Can Dana overcome the prejudice against Keri's family that was beaten into her by her father? Can she forgive Keri for the accident that altered her life and can she overcome that to reestablish the bond they once had? In trying to answer those questions, she finds that she also has to worry about a very real threat against Keri's life.

Meyer has written a very nice romance. These two characters struggle with each other. Dana doesn't just decide to totally forgive Keri for what has happened before. She has to deal with her emotions that keep getting in the way of the relationship that she feels growing between them. In that aspect, the book is very realistic and the reader can't be sure until the end of the book just how these two will resolve their situation. Forever Found is a pleasant story to pass the time.

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