Sunday, August 14, 2011

Double Trouble by RJ Nolan

Publisher:                 L-Book

Romance is wonderful, but trust is more important for a relationship to work.

Kris is looking forward to a standing date with her friend to see the first game of the season between the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers.  Watching the game is almost impossible though because she can't stop staring at the woman sitting near them.  They finally have a chance to meet when both of them end up covered in spilled beer.  It may be a strange beginning for romance, but it works for Kris and Erin.  As they come to know each other better, they find they both have trust issues due to failed relationships and Erin has a further complication.  As a divorced mother of two children, she has to be careful who she lets into their lives.  Kris is great with the children though and even Erin's ex-in-laws are encouraging her to take a chance on forming a new family.  There is a snake in the Garden of Eden however.  Erin's ex-husband is determined to break them up and lying is an acceptable and normal behavior for him.  He wouldn't have a chance except that both women have been hurt so badly before.  If Erin and Kris can't learn to separate the past from what they know about each other, the snake may get what he wants.

Double Trouble is a pleasant story and moves at a quick pace.  The characters are appealing and respond to the situations in very realistic manners.  Those responses provide the tension in the story.  The book is a traditional romance, which will make it satisfying for fans of that genre.  

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