Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day of the Dead by Victoria A. Brownworth

Publisher:                 Spinsters Ink

If you're of a persuasion to like stories about vampires, succubi and other things that go bump in the night, this is the book for you.

Day of the Dead is a collection of stories in the supernatural genre.  The book consists of five short stories and a novella that are most often set in New Orleans.  Some characters appear in more than one story, but all of the works stand alone.  Vampires are the most common topic, showing them at their most seductiveness.  Hurricane Katrina factors into more than one of the stories showing that nature can be the most horrifying character of all.

People who like their creatures really scary won't find that here.  If anything, what will terrify you is the idea of walking through the fog based on what keeps coming out of it in these stories.  A couple of the stories aren't clear about what exactly the supernatural entity is and the vampire stories are definitely more loaded in the sexuality of the situation than the blood-letting.  Certainly the most evocative selection is "Diary of a Drowning" about a woman who decides to stay in New Orleans during the hurricane.  Some of the stories drag along and the reader may get impatient to find out how they end.  The good thing about this type of book is that you can read one story, move on to something else and return to read another story.

An anthology makes it difficult for a reader to connect with characters that appear and disappear in a hurry.  If you are a fan of this genre though and are looking for some stories to read each night before bedtime, this book will meet that need and they're tame enough that you won't have to worry about nightmares.

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