Thursday, August 18, 2011

Clarity by Jocelyn Powers

Publisher:           Intaglio Publications

Jocelyn Powers debuts in the ring of lesbian fiction with a romance set in the mountains of Colorado.

Andrea Payton is a television producer in search of a new life.  Her boss in Chicago doesn't appreciate her talent and her girlfriend has dumped her for another woman with brighter social prospects.  Determined to change the course she's on, Andi accepts a job with a station in Colorado, moving far from the family she loves and all of her friends.  Things immediately improve when she finds that she's in a much better work environment and a friendly small town.  Complications occur almost immediately.  The station is hired by a local resort to do a series of commercials for them and Andi has to work with Julianna Stevens, the marketing executive.  The attraction is immediate on both sides, but problematic.  Julianna is straight and has a reputation for working her way through the men in the town.  Andi wants nothing to do with a straight woman who is experimenting, but Julianna doesn't seem to be that type.  Julianna is equally confused by her reaction to Andi and the implications for her own life.  Will they remain just friends or will something deeper develop?

Clarity is a standard romance.  It's a nice story that unfolds fairly well with likeable characters, but there is nothing that makes this book stand out as unique or unusual.  At times the writing is simplistic and it's sometimes choppy in places, but experience and a good editor should smooth out these problems for the author.  There's nothing offensive about this book.  It's just not special.

If the reader is looking for a light, easy book to entertain you for a few hours, Clarity will suit your needs just fine.

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