Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Celtic Knot by Ana Corman

Publisher:                                 CreateSpace

A Celtic Knot is about two women who don't get along at first, but feel an attraction.  Catherine O'Grady lost her father to cancer and her mother Dana is a five-year survivor of breast cancer.  She doesn't trust the medical profession and can't stand to be around hospitals or sick people.  Catherine would rather bury herself in her bookstore and stay away from anything to do with medicine.  Olivia Carrington is an oncologist who treats Dana and clashes with Catherine the first time they meet.  Olivia knows immediately that she would like a closer relationship, but Catherine doesn't believe their worlds can be combined.  Olivia starts sending Catherine a jigsaw puzzle, a few pieces at a time.  She hopes that as Catherine solves the puzzle, she'll also find a resolution to their situation.

This isn't Corman's strongest book.  The basic story is OK, but it's not fully developed and the timing seems to be off.  The story seems to indicate that a period of time has passed and then a statement is made that makes it much shorter. Too much of the story is too convenient or coincidental to be believable and it's full of cliches.  The dialogue is contrived and dated and the book needed some decent editing.  There are too many contradictory facts in what the characters say.

What makes this book more interesting is the information it provides about treatments for breast cancer and attitudes within the medical community.  As Catherine and Olivia confront each other, the reader gets a feel for what goes on in real situations like this.  Otherwise, this is an average and predictable story.  

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