Sunday, August 14, 2011

Broken Rules by Addison Paisley (Alison Pinsonneault)

Publisher:              iUniverse

Abby Grant works in her father's design company in Lansing, Michigan and lives her private life by a set of strict rules. She doesn't form attachments to anyone and she never spends more than one night with a woman. There are plenty of women out there willing to share her company and she doesn't see any need to make a commitment. Her mother certainly didn't when she ran off and abandoned Abby and her father. 

A trip to Los Angeles to receive an award from a design association turns her life upside down. Erin Davis owns a lesbian club named ED's. She's just come out of a relationship that ended painfully and hasn't healed from that, but, when Abby walks into her club, there is an immediate attraction. Erin recognizes Abby for a "player" though and doesn't want to have her heart broken again. Abby is completely floored by how she reacts to Erin and contemplates breaking her own rules. The stress of that relationship and the shock of meeting her mother and learning that she's been wrong about many things sends Abby fleeing back to Lansing. 

Both Abby and Erin try to forget each other and find relationships with other women, but they can't forget the sparks they felt between them. The final question is whether Abbey can break some of her rules in order to find a meaningful relationship with Erin.

Broken Rules is a predictable, but enjoyable story. It's well written and flows from point to point. The characters are fully developed and there is enough tension in the story to keep it interesting. There's nothing surprising or challenging in the story that makes it unique, but that shouldn't be considered a negative. It will make a good way to pass some time.

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