Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big Noise by Jen Wright

Publisher:             Clover Valley Press

Big Noise is the second installment in the mystery series featuring Jo Spence and her new lover Zoey.  They go to Big Noise, a small, out of the way settlement, for a vacation and a chance to get to know each other better, but Jo can’t separate herself from her work as a juvenile probation supervisor.  She learns that a former client has disappeared in the area and is driven to find out what has happened to him.  Jo’s obsession with her job has the potential to destroy the relationship she’s trying to build with Zoey and Zoey has been very understanding, but there may be a limit to her tolerance.  Meanwhile a killer who is on a religious mission is stalking the area and their paths are destined to cross.  A harrowing hunt through the woods sets up the book for a suspenseful ending.

Big Noise is a fairly simple “mystery” because there’s never much mystery about where the story is heading.  The real purpose of the story appears to be to give Jo and Zoey a chance to explore their relationship further.  It also introduces some interesting characters, but the most intriguing part is the description of the rural community and how people live in it.  The setting almost seems to be a frontier area of the 19th century instead of the modern world.

The book could have benefited from more detail being included to fill out the story; however, as escapist reading, this will do fine.

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